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Developing effective solutions for your business

Cutting-edge research and development is crucial to the success of our business, enabling us to develop innovative and dynamic packaging solutions that deliver real value to every customer.

The process is driven by continuous consultation with our customers around the world, with our research and development team working closely with engineers, packaging technologists and business managers to ensure that every solution meets precise technical and commercial requirements.

Our research and development centre is based at our UK headquarters. This dedicated facility enables us efficiently to manage a continuous flow of new projects, ensuring fast lead times for new products and prompt developments for existing products. Our research and development team regularly works on projects that include:

  • Modifications to existing products
  • Development of new products
  • Research of new technologies
  • Supplier and competitor analysis
  • Comparison studies

To discuss new product development call us on +44 (0)1442 828664 or use our enquiry form

Advanced technology ensures fast response

Our research and development laboratory is one of the most advanced in the industry. It is staffed by a dedicated and experienced team of scientists and packaging specialists, and is fully equipped with the latest technology.

This includes systems capable of analysing materials for thermal conductivity, phase changes, decomposition and aging effects. In addition, we have a series of environmental test chambers for assessing the behaviour of products ranging from small transit pouches to full size pallet shipper systems; we also have walk-in chillers and freezers for normalising cool packs prior to test.

Our research and development laboratory is unique, in both the type and range of testing systems that we offer customers. For example, our Heat Flow Meter provides a precise determination of material thermal conductivity, while our Differential Scanning Calorimetry system enables us to plot changes in calorific values as a sample material is heated and cooled under precisely controlled conditions.

Advanced materials ensure total protection

We use a wide range of tested and proven materials in our controlled temperature systems, enabling us to offer every customer a choice of solutions in each application.

These materials include:

Phase change materials (PCMs)

Our innovative phase change materials ensure that pack contents remain between carefully controlled parameters even when subjected to extreme changes in ambient temperature.

PCMs work by absorbing or releasing large amounts of heat energy (latent heat) as they move from one state, or phase, to another. Our latest materials use specially developed hydrated salt or paraffin solutions to maintain engineered storage temperatures providing protection across a wide range of ambient temperature conditions.

VacTherm® panels

Our VacTherm® panels contain a specially developed core material. When used with vacuum sealing technology this creates an effective insulating material, which is sealed in metallised polyester envelopes that provide excellent insulation properties and extended shelf life and flexibility than competing products.

Our Vactherm® panels can be used to create insulated shipping systems with reduced volumetric weight, helping to cut shipping costs. They can also be used to enhance existing systems to offer greater temperature control, especially where extremes of temperature and extended shipping times are involved.