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Lab Services

Key support for your business

Our Technical and Design Laboratory provides key technical and project management support. In particular, with extensive facilities that include multiple environmental chambers, plus advanced software analysis tools, we support your team from initial product specification, through comprehensive qualification studies, to prototyping and manufacturing at our purpose designed production centre.

Our dedicated team of specialists has many years experience and a knowledge of applied packaging thermodynamics that is second to none. Each of our packaging technologists is fully trained in areas ranging from GMP to quality assurance and health and safety. Just as importantly, we adhere to strict testing certifications, standards, and compliance guidelines in all design, testing and qualification processes.

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How we work

Our Technical and Design Laboratory team follows strict procedures to ensure that we consistently provide an exceptional level of customer service and support.

The process that we follow typically includes the following:

Project Brief

We assess every customer request using a detailed needs assessment form. This includes factors such as project description, scope of the project, deliverables, schedule, product description, transit medium, duration required, threshold temperature, ambient temperature ranges and product stability, logging and container type. We then work with each customer to ensure that our proposed solution meets both their technical and commercial objectives.

Development and design analysis/Pre-qualification study

Using our knowledge of applied thermodynamics, software modelling programmes and mathematical models, we start a preliminary analysis and develop the optimal thermal solution. In some cases we apply our knowledge and extensive experience in cold chain to narrow our findings; this could be from previous projects we handled for other customers or by using our existing range of products, which include Chilltherm®, Freezetherm® and PCM technology (in the MediSorb® and MediPhase® systems).

Review, design, test

The technical team holds regular progress meetings to review, test and keep each customer informed of progress. All team members are encouraged to share their ideas before the next set of tests is performed.

A range of testing chambers are used to refine and improve our designs. By thermally mapping the payload volume we can identify high and low temperature points to ensure that the product’s thermal variations are controlled. The test details are then documented in Test Information Sheets, linked to our internal database.


The prototypes from the development and design study form the basis of the final solution proposed to our customer. We can produce a formal protocol, which documents all functional requirements prior the start of the qualification study.

Qualification testing is then conducted to prove the proposed packaging solution and procedures and verify the solutions reliability of performance under simulated usage conditions.

Upon completion, the customer receives a formal qualification report that contains:

  • Two approval signatures: author and approver (Technical Manager or Technical Director), dated with test date and report issue date
  • Verification of testing parameters to the protocol and study results
  • Table of performance results produced directly from our data-logging software in raw data format with embedded test date stamp
  • Graph of performance results produced directly from our data-logging software with embedded test date stamp
  • Test worksheets and data acquisition location diagrams for each test performed
  • 3D Packaging assembly diagram
  • Packaging Specification
  • RTD Reference Standard calibration certificate
  • Data-logger and Thermocouple pre-test calibration report and, on completion of testing, a verification report

Project handover and technical support

The project is then handed over to the account manager and follow up support is offered to review study data and findings. Technical support is also offered for cold chain distribution testing, e.g. drop, vibration, etc.